Friday, March 04, 2016

New year, new post but still the same old me.

It's been awhile hasn't it since the last time. Ha ha. Been a bit busy with changing work, moving house, new job and etc. 

Well, today I went to KL since it's my birthday tomorrow, meeting up with Ain and Lissa. It's an early birthday celebration. Yay me! 

We went to KTO at Menara Hap Seng, because Ain and I will be going to Korea next month. Yay, i'm so excited and can't wait to visit Korea. So, we went there to look around KTO and asking information about Korea. Then, we went and have lunch at Kyochon. It's a korean fried chicken restaurant. Ain and Lissa choose set lunch 1 (2 rice, 4 pieces of drumsticks and drinks) while I take a set 5 (chicken dalgakbi, rice and drinks). After lunch, we went to central market. Well, I didn't find the things that I'm looking for, but atleast Ain did. :-)

Then we went to Midvalley Megamall. I managed to find quite a thick cardigan for me to wear when i'm in Korea. And the best thing is, it's got 50% discount. Of course, then Lissa had to go because her bus schedule was at 6 pm. But it was fun, hanging out with friends even with such limited time. Lets hangout again next time, ne.

So, without Lissa, both Ain and I continued with our shopping and window shopping. We bought essential stuff for when we travel to Korea. And when we're tired and thirsty, we bought ourselves drinks at Boost. And also some food to bring home. Of course, we also did change some rm to won. But the que was very,very long. After that, since we're tired and both my feet were hurting, we decided to went home. It's really fun hanging out with both of them since now that all of us is working, it's kinda hard to meet with each other. Especially since my off day is on weekdays rather than weekend. So, hopefully we can see each other again soon. Until next time...

See, look at us queing and still manage to take some pictures. :p

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